HTML Radio Generator Report by: Aljazeera--------->Violence has escalated at Lebanon’s border with Israel as Hezbollah launched explosive drones and missiles at Israeli positions, and Israeli air strikes rocked several towns and villages in south Lebanon. An Israeli air strike on the town of Aitaroun destroyed five homes and damaged many more, Ali Hijazi, a local official, said on Sunday. KEEP READING list of 4 items list 1 of 4 Israel: Journalist killed in Lebanon was in ‘active combat zone’ list 2 of 4 Israel should face war crimes probe over journalist death in Lebanon: NGOs list 3 of 4 Lebanon army says one soldier killed in Israeli shelling on border post list 4 of 4 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon mourn, fear for family in war-torn Gaza end of list “Divine intervention prevented anyone being martyred. Three women and two men were wounded,” he told Reuters news agency. Senior Hezbollah politician, Hassan Fadlallah, in a statement to Reuters, said Israeli air strikes were a “new escalation” to which the group was responding with new types of attacks, be it “in the nature of the weapons [used] or the targeted sites”. The Israeli army earlier said “suspicious aerial targets” had crossed from Lebanon, and two were intercepted. Two Israeli soldiers were moderately wounded and a number of others lightly injured from shrapnel and smoke inhalation, it said. Israeli fighter jets carried out “an extensive series of strikes on Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanese territory”, it said. Sirens sounded in Israel at several locations at the border. Play Video

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HTML Radio Generator IOWA VIEW--------> Donald Trump bashing Kim Reynolds helps nobody, including him Republicans can’t afford to nominate a Republican who is distracted with personal attacks against members of their own party. Unfortunately, the former president doesn’t recognize that reality. Dan GehlbachGuest columnist

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HTML Radio Generator THIS IS WHY TRUMP TEAMED WITH --- REVERSETREND REVERSETRENDMUSIC.COM 100 TIMES IT"S NORMAL VEIWS Mr. Trump was suspended from his social accounts in January for speaking the truth

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