HTML Radio Generator 1. Black Sabbath 2. Iron Maiden 3. Metallica 4. Judas Priest 5. Motörhead 6. Slayer 7. Megadeth 8. Venom 9. Pantera 10. Death 11. Ozzy Osbourne 12. Queensrcÿhe 13. Dream Theater 14. Celtic Frost 15. Manowar 16. Dio 17. Mercyful Fate 18. Helloween 19. Anthrax 20. Bathory 21. Napalm Death 22. Carcass 23. Alice in Chains 24. Sepultura 25. Mötley Crüe 26. Scorpions 27. Morbid Angel 28. Tool 29. Mayhem 30. Korn 31. Opeth 32. Emperor 33. Rainbow 34. Soundgarden 35. Exodus 36. Possessed 37. Blind Guardian 38. Cannibal Corpse 39. Testament 40. Faith No More 41. King Diamond 42. Suicidal Tendencies 43. Accept 44. Fates Warning 45. Overkill 46. Symphony X 47. Yngwie J. Malmsteen 48. Kreator 49. Deicide 50. Burzum 51. At the Gates 52. System of a Down 53. Candlemass 54. Saxon 55. Slipknot 56. In Flames 57. Rage Against the Machine 58. Children of Bodom 59. Voivod 60. Machine Head 61. Dimmu Borgir 62. Diamond Head 63. Neurosis 64. Metal Church 65. Savatage 66. Type O Negative 67. Darkthrone 68. DRI 69. My Dying Bride 70. Sodom 71. W.A.S.P. 72. Immortal 73. Iced Earth 74. Twisted Sister 75. Cradle of Filth 76. Ministry 77. Terrorizer 78. Annihilator 79. Danzig 80. Dokken 81. White Zombie 82. HammerFall 83. Gamma Ray 84. Edge of Sanity 85. St. Vitus 86. Nevermore 87. Pentagram 88. Budgie 89. Fear Factory 90. Mastodon 91. Meshuggah 92. Entombed 93. Lamb of God 94. Suffocation 95. Skid Row 96. Raven 97. Therion 98. Trouble 99. Stratovarius 100. Atheist Founding Artists of Metal These are bands from the late 1960s and early 1970s, which were ranked for their greatness, and more importantly, how much they influenced and contributed to metal. 1. Black Sabbath 2. Deep Purple 3. Led Zeppelin 4. Jimi Hendrix Experience 5. Alice Cooper 6. The Who 7. Aerosmith 8. Blue Cheer 9. Pink Floyd 10. The Doors 11. Grand Funk Railroad 12. The Kinks 13. Cream 14. Thin Lizzy 15. Steppenwolf 16. Ten Years After 17. UFO 18. Jethro Tull 19. MC5 20. Uriah Heep 21. King Crimson 22. The Yardbirds 23. Yes 24. Iron Butterfly 25. Velvet Underground 26. The Stooges 27. The Jeff Beck Group 28. Big Brother/Holding Company 29. Vanilla Fudge 30. The Move Metal band menbers Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Metal band menbers Iron Maiden Iron Maiden Metal band menbers Metallica Metallica Metal band menbers Judas Priest Judas Priest DigitalDreamDoor playlists on Spotify link button DigitalDreamDoor Metal Songs on Spotify link button Greatest Metal Songs Van Halen Black Sabbath Judas Priest Metallica Motörhead Pantera Slayer Slipknot Aerosmith Alice Cooper Anthrax Dio Led Zeppelin Scorpions

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HTML Radio Generator The 10 Most Vicious Feuds In Heavy Metal History Axl Rose vs. Vince Neil. Bill Ward vs. Black Sabbath. Sharon Osbourne vs. Bruce Dickinson. Trent Reznor vs. Marilyn Manson. Sammy Hagar vs. David Lee Roth. The Osbournes vs. Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake. Geoff Tate vs. Queensryche. Dave Mustaine vs. Metallica.
HTML Radio Generator Enter Sandman Song by Metallica ---- Lyrics---------------> Say your prayers, little one Don't forget, my son To include everyone Tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from sin 'Til the sandman, he comes Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight Exit light Enter night Take my hand We're off to never-never land Somethings wrong, shut the light Heavy thoughts tonight And they aren't of Snow White Dreams of war, dreams of liars Dreams of dragon's fire And of things that will bite, yeah Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight Exit light Enter night Take my hand We're off to never-never land Now I lay me down to sleep Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep I pray the Lord my soul to keep If I die before I wake If I die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take I pray the Lord my soul to take Hush, little baby, don't say a word And never mind that noise you heard It's just the beasts under your bed In your closet, in your head Exit light Enter night Grain of sand Exit light Enter night Take my hand We're off to never-never land, yeah Uh Yeah, yeah Yo, oh We're off to never-never land Take my hand We're off to never-never land Take my hand We're off to never-never land Source: LyricFind Songwriters: James Hatfield / Kirk Hammett / Lars Ulrich Enter Sandman lyrics © Word Collections Publishing
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