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Artist Perform live Onlinev in real - time.  Set virtual location or perform in front of your theme of choice.

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For Direct Inquiries contact (Darell Johnson) or call (346) 000-0000 
I want (this artist) for a.... 
Event Date & Time *  Set up your first online concert have a solid internet connection, and with as simple of a setup as your webcam and mic, your personal computer becomes your global stage to the world.

Setting up your first online concert  have a solid internet connection, setup up your webcam and mic, your personal computer becomes your global stage to the world.

 Artists can create their event, promote their event, and “Go Live”

Prices based on performance length and do not include travel cost. 
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 Guest Speaker $ 250.00 
 15-minute Performance $ 250.00 
 30-minute Performance $ 400.00 
 60-minute Performance $ 700.00 
 Radio/Internet i Exclusive Rights for custom made tracks $ 999.99 
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Traditional road touring, ican be hard on an artist to sustain consistent touring and regularly perform for all of their supporters around the country and the world. And given the unlimited access that the Internet provides, it’s only natural that virtual concerts would begin to become more of a reality.


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